Jamie Zimchek was born near Sacramento, California. She received a BA in Humanities at Newbold College in the UK in 1998, and her MA in Middle East & Mediterranean Studies from King’s College London in 1999. She worked as a freelance photographer, journalist, and college lecturer in both the U.S. and the U.K., supplemented by extensive solo travels through Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Europe, before returning to the United States nearly a decade later.  Her travel photography and writing have appeared in international magazines, newspapers, and online travel guides, but it was fine art that always beckoned.  An oil painter since her late teens,  she truly transitioned to fine art alone only in 2008, with work exhibited in assorted galleries as well as private collections world-wide.  Her nomadic instincts, love for design,  and history-oriented background heavily informs a multi-media approach that seeks to provide fresh perspective on  traditional ideas of beauty and truth.  Zimchek’s fine art focus could be described as a mélange of minimalist landscapes and mixed media abstracts that explore the interplay of ideas as they impact the context of memory, time, and place. Her jewelry designs similarly show a strong connection with art and architecture, as do her hand-painted textiles.


Currently her art can be viewed at the Newbill Collection in Seaside, Florida, and her jewelry at select boutiques in Florida, Georgia,  and California.